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Yes I did it was a very great experience. I liked the part where we were first made to do the relaxation activity where i actually felt connected to her. I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot.

It was really an amazing experience to attend this workshop. It was a totally new skill set which I wish to learn more comprehensively in future. I love how theoretical concepts and practical application were going hand in hand. Connecting to one's body and understanding of one's state through somatic cues was a new perspective that I learnt today.

One of the most engaging and informative workshops. Ma'am really knew what she was doing. Learned a lot of new things and understood trauma therapy in-depth. Grateful for the experience.

I learned about how to deal with clients with trauma. I see it as a new approach. I loved the activity part. It was more experiential and engaging.

Very important workshop, the speaker was energetic, knowledgeable.

It was a great workshop. Learnt a lot. Loved how it was a blend of both theory and practical experience.

I think it was great and well planned. I loved the session.

Do more of this workshops Everything was perfect!

Very relaxing informative and engaging workshop full of fun.

I loved the workshop. Even though it was conducted at last when we were all so exhausted and sleepy, Sumedha ma'am made it so I interesting and relaxing. I learnt the importance of relaxing my muscles and body language while conversing with others. Overall, it was an amazing experience.

The whole experience was great and refreshing. I did learn something new and it was interesting and helpful. All the activities were good.

It was really insightful to know about the cases Ms Sumedha dealt with. Knowing one of the reasons why Mental health issues are not talked about in India is something that's gonna stay with me for a long time. Ms Sumedha was really amazing and the webinar was quite interactive. Given the limited time, it was not possible to explain about everything. But whatever she discussed, left me wanting to know more about Trauma and Mental health. I felt a little distracted (& tbh a bit irritated) due to one of the participants, but Ms Sumedha dealt very nicely with that too. Overall, it was a good experience. Really looking forward to having more of these exciting topics in the subsequent Webinar.

I learnt a lot of new things honestly, it was one of the few engaging workshops we've had in our college. I came to the workshop expecting just a dictation as that's what we're used to at this point but it was actually engaging and interesting which is rare for us. You have an amazing personality and the energy you bring with yourself is highly contagious.

It was indeed informative in every form. I really enjoyed the workshop. The techniques really helped me got through some suppressed events and sensations that needed acknowledgement. I really hope that I'd be lucky enough to get an opportunity to interact with you again.

The one thing which i learned, and i think which i sill use from now on is to observe people's behaviour during a conversation and analyse how they're feeling just from their body movements. Moreover, I'll be more attentive as to how i will be portraying myself and my body, and in a better manner.

The guest was very nice and she gave such a warm feeling while letting us know about stuffs which were so informative and therapeutic for the audience.

I found this way of therapy very useful. I learnt how the body and the sympathetic neuro system is connected to the mind. The examples were very helpful.

The whole event was quite interesting. I was able to relate the different ideas with day to day life experience.

Got to know a lot. Was a good experience. It was a good experience, looking forward to more such webinars. Sumedha ma'am was mind-blowing!!

The event was amazingly organised. Had a great time with Sumedha Ma'am. Looking forward to having more.

Informative and interactive session, got an insight about trauma as a mental health condition

The whole webinar was insightful. I liked the fact that Ms. Sumedha spoke Hindi throughout.

She was awesome.

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