Weight Loss through Mental Health Wellbeing Programme

(Psychotherapy + Bodywork)

Change your relationship with food.

Change the way you look at yourself.

From Compulsive eating  to  Conscious eating.

This programme will teach you how to inculcate behavioural and lifestyle changes that assist you through your stress and emotional triggers which induce unhealthy eating – 2 major hinderances in weight loss journey, thereby consciously attaining mind-body fitness.

What is it about What will you learn
Trauma responses and dysfunctional behaviours - over eating, feeling numb, bouts of crying, etc
Freedom from long hours of depressed and anxious emotional states
Erratic and Impulsive emotional reactions
Physical movements for emotion regulation
Feeling fatigued throughout the day
How to soothe discomfort from the impact from stress induced lifestyle disorders (PCOD, thyroid, IBS, migraines) on your health.
Lack of discipline and low self-esteem
To find your balance in daily routine functioning
Poor self image and body shaming
The skill of conscious eating to overcome post dessert guilt and self-gaslighting
Irritable gut health
How to build a healthy relationship with food
Stuck in unhealthy coping mechanisms, sense of losing control over yourself
Reconnection with your body to understand your emotions and hunger signals

By the end of the programme, you will also understand your body type and learn to design home workouts.

What does it include?
What does it include?
  1. Trauma informed psychotherapy/counselling
    • Awareness of triggers/cues for emotional eating
    • Hold on to correct Mindset/Intention behind weight loss
    • Work on thoughts around self-body shaming and post sweets guilt.
    • Psycho-education behind mental health issues/trauma and weight gain
      • Disconnection from body
      • Loss of hunger signals
      • Physiology of emotions
  2. Strength training
    Body weight and resistance exercises for muscle gain
  3. Breath-work (pranayama) – for relaxing the hyper-vigilance
  4. Asanas – stretches for opening stored tightness(trauma) in the body
  5. Internal Cleansing (Shatkarmas) – for blockages of chakras
  6. *Food Counselling – conscious eating
  7. Support group for your weight loss journey

Bodywork Bonus – apart from strength training and yoga you will also be learning instant stress management techniques like – Tapping, ice baths/cold showers and vagal nerve massages.

* Food counselling will include guidance on what to eat and what to avoid as per your body type. We do not prescribe any strict diet chart as part of this programme.

To be an eligible candidate for this program you must have:
  • 3 months of dedication and patience
  • Indomitable mindset
  • Faith, sincerity and eagerness to learn about oneself
  • Good internet connection
Who can join this?
  • between ages – 18-30 years
  • struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional trauma
  • Stuck in the loop of emotional/unhealthy eating
  • Tired but unable to lose weight.
  • Struggling with lifestyle disorders – migraine, thyroid, PCOD, insomnia
Programme Structure
Session Type Description Duration Price

12 Psychotherapy sessions

In depth counselling sessions
(click here)

60 minutes
1-2 sessions
(as per need)

(1200 x12= 14,400/-)

40 Bodywork sessions

28 strength training sessions,
12 yoga sessions

S n C - home workouts,
Yoga - Asanas & Pranayama

60-90 minutes,
5 sessions per week

(500 x 40 = 20,000/-)

(Yogic cleansing techniques)

Neti, Kunjal, Shankhaprakshalan

Once a week
(Included based on the capacity
and interest of the client)


90 days complete program


  • Sessions of yoga and breathwork will be added in the second month on the basis of intake and observations from counselling sessions.
  • Sessions will be customised as per your routine and present health conditions.

Duration – 3 months from the date of commencement

About the Therapist

Sumedha Tulani designed this programme from her experiences to bridge the gap between mind and body fitness. She has 4+ years of experience working as a psychologist. In 2021, when her obesity, emotional eating and depression were at their peak, she strongly found clinical therapies and fitness regimes limited to their own categories.

Her academic education and passion for learning about trauma healing pushed her in this direction to apply what she had studied, i.e., to learn to relax and regulate your nervous system.

During her journey to become her best version, she learnt strength training and later completed a 200-hour Teacher Training course in Yoga.

Read more about her.

Client Stories

I came to Sumedha Tulani right after my break up from a long term relationship. I was struggling with anxiety and PCOD already. I lost a loved one in 2015 and since that time I have had fluctuated emotional states between being numb and extremely reactive or went for unhealthy eating. There were some days when I found myself crying throughout the entire day. Apart from that I have done many crash diets and cardio in my past to lose weight but gained back.

In May 2023, I realised that I have had enough of suffering. That’s when I started my bodywork sessions with her and it’s been 3 months now. I believe she is among the most friendly and committed trainer to work with. Being a psychologist, she understands the pain/trauma underlying one’s lifestyle disorder, which more often is the leading cause of PCOS and obesity related disorders. I started working out 4 days a week consistently and changed my eating habits with her help and support. Sumedha is focused on helping me achieve my fitness goals and makes every session fun and a little bit challenging than the previous session. She motivates me and pushes me forward every step of the way. My fitness level has increased considerably over the past couple of months and I have seen improvements in my ability to complete 3-4 rounds of exercises in considerably less time than before, lift progressively heavier weights. Moreover, my overall energy level has increased and I feel more alive and happy. Those suffering from any kind of anxiety, depression or other related mental health issues, focusing on body movements of any kind, be it exercise or yoga will do wonders for you. Nowadays, I actually find myself looking forward to my workout sessions with Sumedha. I have also witnessed some improvement in my period cycles.

In addition to that,

  1. She ensures that my technique is correct to avoid any injuries.
  2.  She is extremely punctual and reliable.
  3. She is flexible with her schedule.
  4. She never pushes too hard, if you are unable to perform a particular exercise, she will present you with an easier alternative to that.

She has made me fall in love with exercises and helped me get rid of my unhealthy eating habits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A fitness trainer tells you the best exercises.

A nutritionist tells you what to eat and what not to.

But who actually cares about how you are feeling in your weight loss journey? Who is there to tell you how to regulate your emotional reactions when you fall back to your old patterns? What caused it in the first place?

Sometimes, talking about your traumas to your therapist can lead you to re-live it again. With the best of intentions, it still doesn’t make you feel good. You feel stuck.

This programme bridges this gap between mind and body. Because, mind and body cannot be taken care of in isolation.

You can act on the healthiest diets and eating habits and rigorous exercise, but

if you are not taking care of your emotional health, that is letting go of that guilt and shame, you might find yourself getting stuck after sometime.

I am professionally a counselling psychologist first, trained to work with people struggling from anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. I myself have struggled with emotional eating and losing weight all my life. It’s my own journey that has inspired me to help other people floating in the same boat. From there I have understood how to navigate through mental and emotional health struggles, and with all my heart, I am now willing to help and guide those anyone in need. 

I am not just offering you any service, I am offering you a safe relationship and welcome you to be freely vulnerable with me with your insecurities around your body and yourself.

You will be compensating for the missed sessions during weekend or when recovered in the due time of 90 days window only.

Consider this programme as life transformational schooling. You don’t simply drop out of a job or a degree just because you don’t like it.

It is going to challenge you emotionally and physically, so it’s natural to have thoughts of not liking it or not showing up for sessions. This is where mental health counselling plays its role simultaneously – to help you deal with your resistance and break your unhealthy patterns.

There is no provision for a refund once you have enrolled for the programme.

Bodywork sessions will be conducted in mornings between 6am to 9am or 4pm to 7pm slots, depending on your daily routine and meal timings.

Psychotherapy session slots are flexible to be conducted on weekdays or weekends.

Bodywork sessions will be conducted online.

Psychotherapy sessions can be taken online or offline (if you reside in Delhi and my office location is reachable for you)

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