This offers you an opportunity to work one-on-one with me in a safe, caring and confidential environment. This is for you, if you,

  • find yourself stuck in over thinking patterns?
  • get irritated and impulsive easily?
  • feel lost, unloved/lonely deep inside?
  • feel low energy levels inside your body?
  • has post covid lifestyles and isolation also impacted your mental health?
  • have you had enough of running from a traumatic past?
  • are tired of taking medicines with unsatisfactory results or have migraines, IBS, any other gut related issues
  • are exhausted of scrolling social media or other addictions and find it difficult to sleep
  • are facing issues in your relationships/heartbreak/separation
  • are on the verge of giving up on losing all that extra weight after multiple failed attempts?

My individual counselling sessions are a combination of Talk Therapy and Body Awareness Work. It involves in-depth inner work where in you and I will talk about your painful past, explore your suicidal thoughts (if any), anger, shame, self-blame, fear, guilt, dysfunctional patterns, triggers not just in language but in nervous system too.

The sessions would also include aspects of life such as death, grief, love, existential crises, spirituality, faith. I also follow eastern principles of diet, body awareness techniques and lifestyle changes to re-instil the mind-body connection.

What you will gain from therapy?

  • A confidential and safe space to unload
  • Emotion Regulation techniques
  • Develop a positive mental health-oriented lifestyle
  • Practical skills to contain your stressors
  • Psychoeducation around your issues
  • Boundaries setting
  • Ability to move forward from the space of love, rather space of fear
  • A confident and grounded version of yourself
  • More clarity about who you are
  • Felt experience of “safety”

My Orientation

My Orientation

I choose to understand mental health issues from a bio-psycho-social and psycho-spiritual lens. My therapy is based on the foundation that “your personality styles, dysfunctional behaviours or negative coping mechanisms are NOT Disorders, but competencies that helped you survive.

My eclectic approach consists of insight based, somatic, spiritual and humanistic methods.

Disclaimer – I am a counselling psychologist specialised to help you in moving out of your states of anxiety, depression, grief, trauma or strong negative emotional states.

I don’t work with psychotic mental health issues.

Please note – Please consult a clinical psychologist for any clinical assessments or diagnoses and/or a psychiatrist for any pharmacological treatment.

Types Of Counselling

Anxiety and depression are natural consequences or natural reactions of our being (mind and body) to difficult events of life. It is indeed very normal to feel anxious or depressed at any point of time in life. In fact, they are our body’s way to let us know that something is really bothering us that needs to be addressed. Anxiety and Depression are messengers to our calling for growth. They help us survive until factors causing them are addressed.

This is only helpful till it is letting you manage your routine life. If it is affecting your focus, productivity, relationships and health (physical, emotional, sexual), it is then perceived as mental illness.

“Until my ghastly tale is told, this heart within me burns” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It is when your painful past does not let you live and present and have a vision of future, you realise that something is desperately waiting to be addressed.

Trauma therapy is not about the past, but the present. It is for when you are constantly trying hard to forget and move ahead of your painful memories, indulge in good habits, desperate to let it all go, you find yourself completely STUCK.

This is because, your stress, impact of painful past events and negative emotions get stored in your body as physical aches and pains, and interferes in your day-to-day functioning.

Coming to terms with feelings of loss and making sense of it can be a painful process. Grief is a common emotional and sometimes physical response that you feel when you experience loss after a disaster or a traumatic event. Bereavement is a type of grief you experience when you lose a loved one.

Grief occurs across all ages, but adults, adolescents, and children may process it differently. Feelings can range from deep sadness to bursts of anger. Everyone grieves in their own way and time frame depending on the personal attachment to what was lost.

Grief counselling is a type of professional therapy designed to help you work through the various stages and range of emotions you may feel after a loss.

One of the most difficult experiences is to grieve a loss of a person who is alive. Separation from your partner is considered to be one of the most stressful life events. (SRRS, Holmes and Rahe stress scale, 1967).

To undergo experiences of separation, break up, heartache, long-distance fights, feeling out of love, is exhausting.

Signs that your relationship is affecting your mental health –

  • Preoccupied with the thoughts of that one person
  • Constant criticism, blame and shame in fights
  • No or very little communication after the conflict
  • Holding on to potential of the relationship
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